Wire Terminals

We carry a large selection of quality wire terminals. Most of our wire terminals are made in the USA, and include ring terminals, push-on terminals, bullet terminals, spade or fork terminals, and butt splices. are manufactured from tin-plated copper for maximum conductivity, and come in either bare non-insulated form, with vinyl insulation, more durable nylon insulation, or high performance heat shrink insulation. High temperature wire terminals made from nickel plated steel are also available that can handle temperatures up to 900°F. Most terminals are available for wire sizes from 22 gauge to 10 gauge. We also carry butt splices, ring terminals, and copper eyelets for wire sizes from 8 gauge to 4/0. For oddball applications, check out our specialty terminal sections where you will find 'x' and 'y' connectors, adapters, splitters, and more. All of our terminals can be used for either DC or AC wiring. We also carry a selection of higher amperage terminal blocks and stud type junction blocks. Many of our wire terminals are UL rated and CSA certified.

Push-On Terminals - Heat shrink push on terminals, vinyl push on terminals, nylon push ons, non-insyulated push ons, and high temperature push ons.

Vinyl insulated butt slices, nylon insulated butt splices, heat shrink butt splices, high temperature steel butt splices, and non-insulated butt splices.

Non-insulated ring terminals, vinyl insulated ring terminals, nylon ring terminals, heat shrink ring terminals, and high temperature ring terminals

Spade/Fork Wire Terminals - Non-Insulated spade/fork terminals, vinyl spade terminals, nylon spade terminals, and heat shrink spade terminals.

Bullet terminal connectors come in sizes of 0.156''or 0.180''. They are available with vinyl insulation, nylon insulation, or heat shrink insulation.

Specialty Wire Terminals such as piggy back connectors, and X and Y connectors. These terminals are designed for special electrical applications.

Bare copper eyelets available for 6 gauge to 4/O gauge wire. The bare copper material can be crimped or soldered. Use for higher power connections.

Terminal Blocks and Junction Blocks for electrical wiring. Rated for up to 30 amps. Heavy duty design. Stud and screw type terminal blocks available.