WiringProducts - The Place To Buy Electrical Supplies

Providing quality electrical supplies is our goal, with many of our products manufactured right here in the USA. Although our primary focus is automotive electrical wiring, we also carry electrical parts and supplies for use in other applications such as marine, solar, household electrical, commercial, and industrial. In fact, WiringProducts carries thousands of the electrical parts and supplies you need, such as battery cable, automotive wire, cros-linked SXL wire, THHN wire, welding cable, wire loom, heat shrink tubing, "Short Stop" circuit breakers from 5 amp to 50 amp in numerous configurations, High Amp circuit breakers from 50 amp to 150 amp, fuse blocks, fuse panels, more than 200 types of switches including rocker switches, toggle switches, and our exclusive custom switch panels. We also carry a vast selection of wire terminals and connectors, such as ring terminals, push on connectors, butt splices, bullet terminals, heat shrink terminals, molded connectors, high power connectors, and much more.

Battery and Power Distribution

Battery and Power Distribution Products including battery cable, distribution blocks, high power switches, battery terminals, cable lugs, and more.

Cable Ties and Clamps

Wire ties, cable ties, and cable clamps are excellent products for wire and cable management. Use to help keep your wiring neat and orderly.

Circuit Breakers - Automotive

Automotive Circuit breakers provide electrical protection of automotive, marine, and other 12 volt and 24 volt electrical circuits. Many styles to choose from.

Electrical Kits

Electrical Kits with different assortments of common electrical supplies.such as terminals, connectors, cable ties, and heat shrink tubing.

Electrical Tapes & Dielectric Grease

Electrical tapes, high performance tapes,cold shrink tapes, rubber tapes, amalgamating tapes, color coding tapes, and di-electric grease.

Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

Fuse blocks and fuse panels for automotive, marine, and other 12 volt electrical systems. Provides both circuit protection and power distribution.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Single wall heat shrink tubing, dual wall heat shrink with adhesive, heavy duty heat shrink tubing, heatshrink kits, heat guns and torches.

Lights and Flashers

Lights and flashers for 12 volt automotive use. Most indicator lights are designed to be panel mounted to provide feedback of circuit operation.

Nylon Grommets

Nylon gromments are used to protect wires and cable from damage when pulled through drilled out holes. 1/8'' to 1'' sizes are stocked.

OEM & Aftermarket Connectors

Aftermarket and OEM connectors, sockets, and pigtails. Replacement electrical connectors and parts for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets provide protection for wires and cable when they need to be pulled through a drilled out hole. Available for 1/16'' and 1/8'' panels.

Sales and Close Outs

Sales and Close Out section is our "going out of stock" electrical products section. You will find some great deals however we only have a few of each...

Switch Panels

Switch Panels with Custom Labeling engraved with the lettering of your choice. Available in an array of sizes and with different switching options.

Switches, Relays, & Flashers

Toggle switches, rocker switches, push-pull switches, keyed switches, high power switches, button switches, automotive relays, flashers, and solenoids.


Electrical tools - wire crimpers, wire strippers, wire and cable cutters, heat guns and torches, automotive electrical tools, and more.

Trailer Connectors

Heavy duty multi-pole sockets and plugs, and molded trailer connectors for connecting you vehicle's electrical system to your trailer.

Automotive Wire and Cable

Automotive wire and cable including battery cable, marine wire, primary automotive wire, trailer cable, brake cable,sxl wire, and much more.

Wire Connectors

Closed end connectors, high power connecotrs, pigtail connectors, quick slide connectors, quick splices, and twist on wire connectors.

Wire Loom

Our wire loom and sleeving products include corrugated slit loom tubing, asphalt coated fabric loom, expandable sleeving, and spiral cut loom.

Wire Terminals

High quality wire terminals including ring terminals, spades, push-ons, butt splices, and more. American made and reliable. Flat rate shipping special.