Ring Terminals

Ring terminals come in a variety of configurations for both insulated ring terminals, and non-insulated ring terminals. How do I choose the correct ring terminal for my application? Take a moment to watch this video to find your answer. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Ring Terminals Overview

Non-Insulated Ring Terminals are bare without insulation and suitable for use with solder and/or covered with heat shrink tubing. Tinned copper material.

Vinyl insulated ring terminals available in ring sizes from #4 to 1/2 inch, and wire gauge sizes from 22 to 4 gauge. Ring terminals made from tinned copper.

Nylon insulated ring terminals for 22 to 10 gauge wire sizes. American made ring terminals are insulated with nylon offering better performance than vinyl.

Heat Shrink Insulated Ring Terminals for wire sizes from 22 to 10 gauge. Adhesive lined heat shrink insulation both seals and protects the ring terminal.

High Temperature Ring Terminals for temperatures up to 900 degrees where ordinary ring terminals will fail. Made from nickel plated steel.