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Push Button & Push-Pull Switches

Push button and push-pull switches for use in 12 volt electrical systems. Our push button switches are single pole single throw switches that are normally off, and turn on when pushed. These switches have two contacts or connections, and are commonly used for the momentary activation of a circuit such as a horn, relay, or starter. For high current applications such as starters, we feature a heavy duty 50 amp push button switch with that comes with a boot to make it waterproof. We also carry push/pull switches which are operated by pushing and/or pulling the switch in or out. These switches can handle up to 15 amps of current at 12 volts DC, and some of them are offered with built-in illumination. Connections to these switches are usually done via screw terminals, and the switches are mounted using a drilled out hole.

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Red Button Push Pull Switch

Red Push-Pull Switch 15 Amp 12Volt - S.P.S.T - On/Off. Recommended hole size is .50" in diameter. Screw Mount Terminals. The button on this switch does not illuminate, it is a solid red...

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ANY $12.06
Fused Push Pull Switch

Universal Fused Switch 16 Amp 12V On/Off/On. Screw Mount Terminals. Recommended hole size is .50" diameter. The button on this switch does not illuminate.

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ANY $13.64
Blue Illuminated Push Pull Switch

Blue Illuminated Button - Push/Pull - 15 amp, 12 volt, S.P.S.T - Recommented hole size is .50" in diameter. This switch has .250 Push-On Male Terminals.

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ANY $13.16
Momentary Push Button Switch 10 Amps

Momentary Starter Switch rated to 10 Amps at 12 Volts  (ON)-OFF operation. Momentary opertion shuts off when released. Recommended hole size is .50" diameter. Connections made via...

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ANY $8.31
Amber Illuminated Push Pull Switch

Amber Illuminated Push/Pull Switch - 15 Amp 12V - S.P.S.T. On/Off - Recommended hole isze is .50" in diameter. This switch has two .250 Male Push-On terminals.

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ANY $13.16
European Style Push-Pull Switch

Euro Style - Push/Pull Switch - 16 Amp, 12V On/Off - Recommended hole size .50 in diameter. This switch has screw mount terminals and does not illuminate.

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ANY $12.15
(ON)-OFF Push Button Switch with Wire Leads

Push Buton Switch With leads - SPST (ON)-OFF Push Button Switch, Black. Momentary On - Off circuit. Includes 6" stripped wire leads. Frame is steel with bright nickel. Case is black phenolic...

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ANY $5.80
Push Button Momentary Horn Switch
Foghorn and Siren Push Button Switch - (ON)-OFF Momentary push button switch for operating foghorns and sirens. Plastic push button and chrome-plated brass shell and mounting bracket. Mounting...
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ANY $8.73
50 Amp Push Button Switch With Boot
Heavy Duty 50A Push Button Switch - Momentary operation (ON)-OFF heavy-duty push button switch. Suitable for starter switches for ignition panels. Can be mounted into panels up to 1/2" thick....
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ANY $13.21