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High Temp Nylon Loom

High temperature nylon slit wire loom is best used when the loom will be exposed to elevated temperatures, such as industrial and automotive applications.  It offers a little more rigidity and protection over the standard black wire loom. All high temperature slit loom is distinctly marked with a gray stripe running the entire length.

1/4 Inch Nylon Loom

1/4" Nylon Slit Wire Loom Tubing. Nylon material holds up under higher temperatures. 1/4 Inch inside diameter. Corrugated for extra strength.

3/8 Inch Nylon Loom

3/8" Diameter Nylon Slit Wire Loom Tubing. For higher temperature protection and management of bundles of wire. Corrugated for greater crush resistance.

1/2 Inch Nylon Loom

1/2" Nylon Slit Wire Loom Tubing. Protects wires and cable from abrasion and higher temperatures such as those found inside of engine compartments.

5/8 Inch Nylon Loom

5/8" Inside Diameter Nylon Wire Loom Tubing. For more demanding wire management applications requiring greater strength or higher temperatures.

3/4 Inch Nylon Loom

3/4" Diameter Nylon Slit Wire Loom Tubing. Protect your larger bundles of wire and cable from chaffing, abrasion, and higher temperatures up to to 300° F.

1 Inch Nylon Loom

1 Inch Diameter nylon Slit Wire Loom Tubing. Better crush resistance than our standard wire loom and able to handle temperatures up to 300° F.
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Wire Loom Insertion Tool

Wire Loom Insertion Tool - Works on all slit wire loom sizes 3/8'' and up. Can be used with wires, cables, and hoses up to 4 gauge in size. Its unique design allows one tool to to...

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