Fuse Holders

ATC Fuse HolderOur fuse holders are designed for use with ATO, ATC, MINI, ANL, AGU, and AGC type fuses. Fuse holders use a single fuse to provide circuit protection to a single electrical circuit. Some of the fused holders come with integrated tops or covers that fit over the fuse once installed. Many of our fuse holders are waterproof and are suitable for use in harsh environments such as outdoors or in engine compartments. Fuse holders are an easy way to add circuit protection for add-on circuits or for conditions where a traditional fuse block is unsuitable. Many of our fuse holders come with wire leads allowing you to splice the fuse holder onto an existing wire. Other fuse holders, especially the higher current fuse holders, come with connectors or posts, and require some kind of terminal to attach your wires the the holder.

ATC Fuse Holders for automotive and 12 volt electrical systems. Many styles to choose from. Used to protect circuits from excess electrical current.

MINI ATM fuse holders are a smaller and more compact type of fuse holder for protecting automotive and 12 volt circuits. Available for different gauge wires.

ANL fuse holders for protection of high power circuits such as main battery feeds, amplifiers, inverters, and more. For circuits ranging from 80 amps up to 300 amps.

AGC fuse holders for use with AGC style glass fuses. For protecting circuits from over current. AGC fuse holders utilize a single fuse and can be used in new and existing circuits.