Ford Connectors and Sockets

These are OEM aftermarket replacement connectors and sockets such as head lights, oxygen sensors, throttle body sensors, tail lights, and more.
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Ford and GM E.E.C. Electronic Engine Control Connector
6-Wire Ford E.E.C. IV Electronic Ignition Module Connector. 1981 and Newer. Can be used on many engines.  Replaces Ford #E52Z-12A209A, #3U2Z-14S411-KGA, #WPT297, GM #88860524 and AC-Delco...
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ANY $36.40
Ford and GM Fuel Pump Relay Harness
4-Wire Ford Fuel Pump Relay Connector. From 1982 thru 1996. (1) One 14 Gauge, (1) One 18 Gauge adn (2) Two 16 Gauge Wire Leads. Replaces Ford #E3FZ-9345-B, GM #88860481 and AC-Delco #PT1926.
Quantity Price Ea.
ANY $25.12
Ford and GM Fan Speed Switch
4-Wire Ford Fan Speed Switch Connector. From 1983 thru 1993. (1) One Lead is 16 Gauge, (1) One Lead is 14 Gauge and (2)Two Leads are 12 Gauge Wire. Replaces Ford #E6DZ-19986-A, E9SZ-19986-A,...
Quantity Price Ea.
ANY $25.12
Double Contact Multi Use Light Socket
2-Wire Chrysler, Ford and GM Double Contact Front, Rear, Side Marker and License Plate Light Socket. From 1972 thru 1998. Replaces Chrysler #3588314, #3588650, #4450821, #4400147, Ford #E25Y-13410B,...
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ANY $6.85
Ford MAP Sensor Connector
4-Wire Ford Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Connector. 1984 and Newer. (1) One Lead is 16 Gauge Wire and (3) Three Leads are 18 Gauge Wire. Fits Ford Coil #FOTZ-12029-A, F1SZ-12029-A and #F5SZ-12029-A....
Quantity Price Ea.
ANY $29.33

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