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Butt Splice Connectors

Wire butt splice connectors come in a variety of configurations for both insulated wire splices, and non-insulated wire splices. We carry non-insulated, high temperature, vinyl insulated, nylon, and heat shrink. Here is a video to help you choose the style that fits your needs.

Butt Splice Selection

22-10 Gauge Non-Insulated Butt Splices

Non-insulated butt splice connectors. For 22 to 10 gauge wire. Manufactured from tin plated copper. Can be soldered or crimped. Made in the USA.

Vinyl Insulated Butt Splices

Vinyl insulated butt splice connectors. Rated to 600 volts. Color coded PVC insulation. For wire sizes ranging from 22 gauge to 8 gauge. Made in the USA.

Nylon Insulated Butt Splices

Nylon insulated butt splice connectors. Better quality insulation and performance than vinyl butt splices. For 22-10 gauge wire sizes. 300 Volt max rating.

Heat Shrink Butt Splices

Heat shrink insulated butt splices with adhesive for splicing and sealing electrical connections. use with 22-10 gauge wire. Made in the USA.

High Temperature Butt Splices

High Temperature steel butt splices are specially designed for high heat applications where other splices will fail. Manufactured in the USA.

8-3/O Gauge Non Insulated Butt Splices

Non-insulated butt splices designed for use with larger wire sizes ranging from 8 awg to 3/0 awg. Made from tin plated copper. Can be soldered or crimped.

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