Automotive Fuses

Automotive fuses to fit all styles of OEM and after-market automotive fuse blocks, fuse panels, and fuse holders. Meets or exceeds all S.A.E. and O.E.M. specifications and requirements. Our selection of automotive fuses include ATC fuses - which fit all ATC (closed to air) and ATO (open to air) fuse blocks and holders, MINI fuses - a smaller version of the ATC fuse found in many modern automobiles, glass AGC fuses, high power ANL fuses, MAXI fuses, MANL fuses - a smaller version of the ANL fuse, AGU fuses - a higher power version of the glass fuse, FLF and FLB cartridge fuses. We also carry Smart Glow ATC fuses that light up when blown making it easy to identify which circuit is faulty. We also provide a selection of fuses in our fuse kits, and have fuse tap connectors that allow you to tap a circuit into an existing fuse.

ATC style automotive fuses in amperages ranging from 3 amps to 40 amps in size. Color coded and see-through design for easy inspection of fuse element.

ATM MINI automotive fuses. Available in amperages from 2 - 30 amps. Bulk pricing available. See through translucent packaging for easy element inspection.

AGC style glass automotive fuses. Drop in replacement for OEM fuses in AGC fuse blocks and holders. Available in 5 amp to 40 amp ratings.

ATC and ATM Smart Glow fuses that light up when blown. Makes finding trouble circuits easy. Integrated LED illuminates when a circuit fault occurs.

ANL High Current power fuses with ratings from 80 amps uo to 300 amps. Designed for fast protection of higher power electrical circuits.

MAXI Automotive Fuses for high power circuit protection. Current ratings from 20 amps to 80 amps. For use with MAXI fuse blocks and fuse holders.

AGU style high current glass fuses with current ratings from 30 amps to 80 amps. For replacing fuses in larger AGU fuse blocks and fuse holders.

12 Volt Car Fuse Kits - Assortment of ATC or ATM style automotive fuses in a convenient carrying case. Various 5 amp to 30 amp fuses included in kits.

Devices for tapping in to existing fused connections to create a new circuit. Useful when you need to quickly and easily add a circuit to your electrical system.

Mini ANL power fuses fill the gap between lower power fuses and high current fuses. Comes in amperage ratings from 20 amps up to 150 amps.

FLF cartridge style power fuses often used inside engine compartments. Used as OEM Replacement FLF Fuses found in older vehicles.

FLB tab style automotive cartridge fuses are often used in engine compartment wiring. Suitable as OEM replacement engine fuse block fuses.

Fuse Puller - Extracts AGC and ATC/ATO style fuses.