Non-Insulated Butt Connectors / Splices

How to Use Non-Insulated Butt Splices22-3/0 Gauge non-insulated butt connectors / splices are tin plated copper butt connectors that are used to splice two wires together.  Splices range in size from 22-18 gauge and go up to 3/0 gauge.  No outer insulation allows these butt connectors to easily be soldered if you desire. These butt connectors have a dimple in the middle that acts as a wire stop when inserting your wires into the ends. The ends are also rolled to help prevent your wire strands from spreading when pushing the wires into the splice. The smaller gauge butt connectors are easily crimped using any standard electrical terminal crimper. The larger gauge splices can be crimped using a hammer crimper or lug crimper.  After crimping, non-insulated butt splices should be covered with either electrical tape or heat shrink tubing to prevent short cirucits and to protect the splice from corrosion. The 22-10 gauge butt connectors / splices are made in the USA.  All butt connectors are rated to a maximum voltage of 600 volts and a temperature rating of 105°C (221°F).