Manual Reset Short Stop Circuit Breakers 12 Volt - Bussmann

Bussmann manual reset Short Stop circuit breakers are type 3 resettable circuit breakers with a reset button that will pop out and trip the circuit breaker when the breaker experiences a short circuit or current overload condition.  Because of the reset button, these circuit breakers should always be mounted where they are accessible so they can be reset.  Manual reset circuit breakers work with both 12 volt and 24 volt electrical systems, and the 24 volt DC rating is printed on the outside of the circuit breaker.  Wire connections to the breaker are made using the #10-32 studs that stick out of the face of the breaker.  One stud is labeled BAT for the power source to the breaker, and the other is labeled AUX for the electrical accessory it is intended to protect.  Different mounting feet configurations are molded into the body of the circuit breaker.  For decades, Bussmann Short Stop manual reset circuit breakers have been reliably protecting vehicles and circuits from electrical faults.  Available in amperage ratings of 10 amps to 50 amps.