4 Gauge Solder Pellets / Slugs

Our smallest solder slug is the 4 gauge and is the most reliable method for high performance battery terminal connections or for use with any closed end connectors such as our copper lugs. Perfect for use in light duty up to mid-range applications. A superior connection, with better protection against corrosion.
Part #: SS-4GA
Part #: SS-4GA
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1 + $1.64
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25 + $1.14
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Get it done right with our 4 gauge color-coded solder slugs, perfect for smaller applications such as golf carts, small marine engines, motor cycles or even small cars. Designed for use with various types of battery terminals and any closed end connectors such as our line of copper lugs. Solder slugs create a more reliable, electrically conductive connection over the crimping method and are fast and easy to use. They eliminate the worry of a poor crimping job, the need for expensive lug crimping tools and create a far superior bond for more efficiency and better protection against corrosion (essential in marine applications).


Tools needed:

*Propane or butane torch

*cable strippers

*a bottle of flux

*heat shrink tubing (we recommend our Heavy Duty)

*a vice or clamps.


How to use a 4 Gauge solder slug / solder pellet:

*Strip cable so that the exposed copper reaches the battery terminal bottom

*Place the proper slug size into the battery terminal, and secure it with a vice

*Slide the heat shrink tube over the wire

*Apply several drops of flux to the exposed copper of the cable

*Pre-heat solder to until it melts

*As soon as solder melts, slowly insert the cable while continuing apply heat

*Make sure connection is secure and shrink the tubing over the connection


This instructional video is helpful to understand how to use a solder slug.

Battery Terminals Video.