3/0 Gauge Solder Pellets / Slugs

Our largest solder slug, the 3/O gauge provides the most efficiency at higher currents than the crimping method, with much greater protection against corrosion. Our larger slugs are designed for use in super-duty applications, such as super-duty work vehicles, large farm machinery, powerful tow trucks, or any high current job with the best possible connection.
Part #: SS-3/0GA
Part #: SS-3/0GA
Quantity Price ea.
1 + $4.12
5 + $3.50
25 + $2.88
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The heaviest connections require our heaviest solder slug. Our large 3/0 gauge color-coded solder slugs handle the most demanding electrical loads, while giving you optimum electrical performance. Our largest slug size will give you better electrical efficiency and let's face it: crimping such a large gauge wire into a battery terminal is not going to be very reliable. Designed for use in the most demanding machinery, extreme towing and hauling equipment, large boats, trucks and farm equipment. The best choice when it comes to such large applications. The biggest slugs give much higher electrical efficiency when more current is being demanded due to the superior bond between the terminal and your cable. On top of that, you get the bonus of better corrosion protection.   3/0 Gauge solder pellets have a flux core that liquifies when heated.  Below are easy written instructions for how to use a 3/0 sloder pellet, or watch the video on how to use solder slugs.Battery Terminals Video

Tools needed:

*Propane or butane torch

*wire strippers

*a bottle of flux

*heat shrink tubing (we recomend our Heavy Duty)

*a vice or clamps.


How to use a solder slug / solder pellet:

*Strip cable so that the exposed copper reaches the battery terminal bottom

*Place the proper slug size into the battery terminal, and secure it with a vice

*Slide the heat shrink tube over the wire

*Apply several drops of flux to the exposed copper of the cable

*Pre-heat solder to until it melts

*As soon as solder melts, slowly insert the cable while continuing apply heat

*Make sure conection is secure and shrink the tubing over the connection