ATM Mini Fuse Holders

MINI ATM fuse holders are a smaller and more compact type of fuse holder that utilize ATM MINI fuses for protecting automotive and 12 volt wiring from short circuits and excess current draw.  all electrical wiring should be protected from short circuits. If not, the results can be damage to your vehicle and even fire. An ATM mini fuse holder will provide this protection and is perfect when needing to add on a circuit to a vehicle's electrical system. Waterproof mini fuse holders come with boot to cover and protect the fuse and the insides of the fuse holder from moisture and other contaminants.  Fuse holders typically come with a closed wire Loop. To install the fuse holder, simply cut the wire Loop in half, strip off the ends, crimp on your wire terminals, then attach one end of the fuse holder to your power source or battery, and the other end of the fuse holder, attached to your device. ATM mini fuse holders are quick and easy to install, and is suitable for use and all Automotive, marine, and other 12 and 24 volt applications.