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WiringProducts Is The Place To Buy Electrical Supplies

Providing quality electrical supplies is our goal, with many of our products manufactured right here in the USA. Although our primary focus is automotive electrical, we also carry for use in other applications such as marine, solar, household electrical, commercial, and industrial. In fact, WiringProducts carries thousands of the electrical parts and supplies you need, such as battery cable, automotive wire, cross link wire, THHN wire, welding cable, wire loom, heatshrink tubing, "Short Stop" circuit breakers from 5 amp to 50 amp in numerous configurations, High Amp circuit breakers from 50 amp to 150 amp, fuse blocks, fuse panels, more than 200 types of switches including rocker switches, toggle switches, and our exclusive custom switch panels. We also carry a vast selection of wire terminals and connectors, such as ring terminals, push on connectors, butt splices, bullet terminals, heat shrink terminals, molded connectors, high power connectors, and much more.

Wiring Products
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