6 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 volt

6 amp Bussmann 'Short Stop' Auto reset 12-volt Circuit Breaker. Ideal for protecting lower amperage circuits from overcurrent and for protecting smaller gauge wire such as 18 gauge from short circuit conditions. Breaker comes with no mounting bracket. Hardware included.
Part #: CB-ST1-05 NMB
Part #: CB-ST1-05 NMB
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This is a bussmann 6 amp 12 volt DC Auto reset circuit breaker without mounting feet, making it suitable for use with a circuit breaker bracket or just allow the breaker to free hang.  connections to the circuit breaker are made via the two studs that protrude from the face of the breaker.  One stud is copper1 stu and is labeled BAT.  This is where you will connect your 12 volt source. The other stud is labeled AUX, and is where you will want to connect the device that you want to protect.  Used to protect low amperage circuit such as LED lights, and to protect smaller gauge wires such as 18 gauge automotive wire, from shorting to ground and causing a catastrophic failure.