50 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Parallel

50 amp bussmann shortstop Automotive circuit breaker. Provides 50 amps of short circuit and overcurrent protection for 12 volt DC circuits. Auto reset contacts will automatically reset the breaker after a fault has occurred. Parallel mounting bracket makes it easy to mount the breaker almost anywhere. Two studs are used to connect your wiring. The copper stud is for the power feed from your battery, and the silver taller stud is for connecting the circuits you wish to protect. The taller stud allows for multiple wires to be attached to the breaker.
Part #: CB-ST1-50 PMB
Part #: CB-ST1-50 PMB
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25 + $4.36

This automotive circuit breaker provides 50 amps of current protection in a small form Factor. This Hi Power bussmann shortstop circuit breaker has parallel mounting feet to secure the breaker to any surface. When it comes to 12 volt short circuit protection, nothing protects like a shortstop circuit breaker. All circuits, especially 50 amp circuits, should always have protection in case of an electrical failure. What are the advantages of using this breaker instead of a fuse?  Automatic resetting contacts means no access is needed to swap out a blown fuse or press a reset button. Instead, after a short. of time has elapsed,. Shortstop circuit breakers can endure many thousands of reset cycles. Rated for use with 12 volt DC wiring only. Two electrical connections for battery and accessory are are available via the two threaded studs. Used to protect main power feeds, inverters, and other high amperage circuits.