5 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Parallel

automatic reset circuit protection rating of 5 amps. Manufactured by Cooper bussmann. Shortstop circuit breaker designed to protect low amperage circuits from overcurrent and short circuit failures. Parallel mounting bracket on the bottom of the breaker. 412 volt electrical systems only.
Part #: CB-ST1-05 PMB
Part #: CB-ST1-05 PMB
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This 5 amp automatic reset circuit breaker is suitable for protecting smaller wires such as 18 gauge, in the event of a direct short to ground.  The 5 amp current trip threshold makes this circuit breaker ideal for protecting low current devices such as LED lights, from / current conditions.  An excess of current causes the contacts inside the breaker to separate due to heat. When the contacts cool back down, the circuit breaker will automatically reset itself. If the overcurrent or short-circuit condition still exists, the breaker will trip again and the cycle will repeat.  Manufactured by Cooper Bussmann, these circuit breakers have been used for decades to protect circuits in automotive, marine, RV, and other 12 volt applications.  Shortstop circuit breakers have about a 30% de-rating curve. This means that a 5 amp circuit breaker may not trip until it reaches 7 1/2 amps.  this is fine for almost all Automotive in 12 volt circuit protection applications. However, if you require more precise overcurrent control, it is best to use a fast blow fuse.  Wires attached to the breaker using the two number 10-32 studs that protrude from the face of a breaker.  For 12 volt use only.