30 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Parallel

30 amp shortstop circuit breaker with parallel mounting bracket. 12-volt DC Auto reset type 1 breaker provides resettable functionality over a traditional fuse. higher current capacity suitable for protecting larger gauge wires such as 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Provides protection against short circuits and overcurrent.
Part #: CB-ST1-30 PMB
Part #: CB-ST1-30 PMB
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A better alternative than a fuse, this 30 amp short stop circuit breaker will protect larger gauge wires from failure caused by short circuits and over current failures. Why use a circuit breaker instead of a fuse?  If you ever blow a fuse, your equipment goes down, and don't have a spare 30 amp fuse handy, you'll wish you had spent a little more and gotten a shortstop breaker instead. After all, time is money. And the cost and inconvenience of a fuse will be far greater than a circuit breaker. This particular breaker is manufactured by Cooper bussmann, a name synonymous with circuit protection devices, and a name you can trust. It is designed to provide protection for 12 volt DC circuit's only. Do not use with higher voltages or with ac voltage. power and device wires easily attached to the circuit breaker using the 210 - 32 studs. The longer auxiliary stud makes it easy to attach multiple wires to the circuit breaker. A parallel mounting bracket is attached to the bottom of the breaker to make it easy to attach it to any surface.