Panel Mount Circuit Breaker - 30 Amp Current Rating

Current Rating: 30 Amps. Voltage Rating DC: 12 or 24 volt, max 32 volt. Voltage Rating AC: 120 volt or 240 volt, max 250 volt. RoHS compliant. Operating temperature: -23°C - 65°C (-10°F - 150°F ). Meets UL standard 1077 and CSA C22.2 No. 5.1-M91a. Reset Type: Manual Push Button. Wire Connections: 1/4 Inch tabs.
Part #: CB-PM3-30
Part #: CB-PM3-30
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30 Amp rated panel mount circuit breaker.  Manual reset button with the breaker's amperage rating printed on it, pops out when the circuit breaker trips to indicate a blown circuit.  To reset the circuit breaker, simply press the button back in.  The breaker's 30 amp capacity is suitable for higher draw circuits and for protecting larger gauge wires such as 12 and 10 gauge from catastrophic failure.  Wires attach to the back side of the circuit breaker via 1/4 inch male tabs.  These breakers are thermal with an ambient operating temperature of -23°C - 65°C (-10°F - 150°F ).  However, because this circuit breaker is thermal, the trip current can vary up to 30% depending on how warm or cold it is.  This is fine for almost all circuits found in automotive, marine, and RV environments.  Meets UL standard 1077 and CSA C22.2 No. 5.1-M91a.  RoHS compliant.  Designed to be panel mounted so that basically only the button is seen, while the body of the circuit breaker and the wiring remains hidden behind the panel.  Max voltage ratings of 32VDC and 250VAC.