20 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Right Angle

20 amp short circuit and overcurrent protection. Shortstop brand by Cooper bussmann. Used to protect 12-volt DC circuit's only. Circuit breaker is type 1 Auto reset. use number 10 Ring terminals to attach your wires to the stud connectors of the breaker. Can be used in place of a 20 amp fuse in most Automotive Electrical circuits.
Part #: CB-ST1-20 SMB
Part #: CB-ST1-20 SMB
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Reliable 20 amp short circuit protection defines this shortstop Circuit Breaker by Cooper Bussmann.  This is a type 1 circuit breaker, which means that it has automatic reset functionality. When too much current flows through the shortstop circuit breaker, the 20 amp rated contacts inside the circuit breaker will separate, breaking the circuit and electrical devices. When the breaker trips, it will remain in a trip state for a period of time, usually around 15 to 20 seconds. At which point the contacts inside the breaker will close again re-energizing the circuit. If the short circuit or electrical fault that caused the problem still exists, the shortstop circuit breaker will simply trip again. Unlike offshore circuit breakers from places like Amazon, shortstop circuit breakers have have proven extremely reliable, with Decades of service and millions of them in use. This particular shortstop 20 amp circuit breaker has right angle mounting feet to easily attach it to any surface. Used to protect 12-volt DC circuit's only.