15 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 volt

15 amp 12 volt automatic reset Bussmann shortstop circuit breaker. protects wiring from short circuits and excess current that can cause catastrophic failures such as an electrical fire. #10 Ring terminals are used to attach to the 10-32 studs on the breaker.
Part #: CB-ST1-15 NMB
Part #: CB-ST1-15 NMB
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Protect your 15 amp circuits from short circuit and over current problems by using this shortstop brand auto reset circuit breaker. Manufactured by Cooper Bussmann, a leading manufacturer of 12 volt circuit protection devices. The 15 amp shortstop circuit breaker is a thermal device, who's contacts will separate when excess current flows through the breaker, and open the circuit, protecting your electrical devices and wiring from potentially dangerous failures that could result in an electrical fire.  Connections to the 15 amp circuit breaker are made using number 10 Ring terminals. Attached the power wire from your battery to the post labeled BAT, then attach your device to the other post labeled AUX.  Use the included nuts to tighten the ring terminals to the studs. The auto reset functionality of the circuit breaker makes it ideal for use in electrical applications where the breaker may not be easily accessible.  Once the breaker trips, it will automatically reset itself after a brief period of time. If the electrical fault still exists, the 15 amp circuit breaker will simply trip again. Any electrical issue that causes a circuit breaker to trip should be repaired as soon as possible.