10 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 volt

10 amp 12 volt DC shortstop circuit breaker. Auto reset. Manufactured by Cooper bussmann. Suitable for protecting 12 volt devices and wiring from direct shorts to ground and excess current draw. Very reliable circuit breaker.
Part #: CB-ST1-10 NMB
Part #: CB-ST1-10 NMB
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When you need 10 amp protection for a 12 volt circuit, you can't go wrong with this Bussmann shortstop brand auto reset circuit breaker. One or two blown fuses and a trip to the auto parts store will more than pay for the cost of one of these reliable circuit breakers. Simply attach the power wire from your battery to the copper post of the breaker labeled BAT, and attach the device you wish to protect to the silver post labeled AUX. You will need #10 ring terminals to attach to the studs on the circuit breaker. Nuts are included to cinch down the ring terminals.  Shortstop Breakers are thermal, and therefore have around a 30% temperature de-rating curve. Basically, this means that the circuit breaker trip threshold could vary by up to 3 amps with variances in ambient temperature. For most Automotive 12v circuits, this is fine. However, if you need precise current control, then use a fast blow fuse instead.  this circuit breaker comes without mounting feet, so it can snap into a circuit breaker mounting bracket, or it can free hang. Reliable and dependable, shortstop circuit breakers have been protecting automotive electrical circuits for decades.