10 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Right Angle

10 amp Auto reset shortstop circuit breaker with right angle mounting bracket. Protects wiring and devices from overcurrent and short circuit electrical conditions. Rated for use in 12 volt DC electrical systems. Manufactured by busman, a subsidiary of Eaton Corp
Part #: CB-ST1-10 SMB
Part #: CB-ST1-10 SMB
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This bussmann 10 amp Auto reset circuit breaker provides overcurrent in short circuit protection for 12 volt DC electrical systems. right angle mounting feet provide an easy way to mount the circuit breaker to any surface. The 10: 00 amp rating is suitable for protecting devices such as radios, Motors, pumps, lights, and other circuits requiring 10 amps of current protection. Shortstop circuit breakers are thermal, and therefore have a temperature de-rating curve of around 30%, depending on what the ambient temperature is. This is adequate for protecting most circuits in an automotive 12 volt environment.  If you require precise overcurrent control, then use a fast blow fuse instead. Although shortstop circuit breakers are more expensive than traditional fuses, all it takes is a couple of blown fuses and a trip to the car parts store two more than pay for the price of a shortstop circuit breaker. Reliable and dependable, shortstop circuit breakers have been protecting 12 volt DC electrical systems for decades. Includes nuts for attaching ring terminals to the circuit breaker via the 210 - 32 studs that stick out the top of the breaker. Amperage rating is printed on the side of the shortstop circuit breaker.