10 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Parallel

10 amp automatic reset shortstop Circuit Breaker with parallel mounting bracket. For 12 volt DC electrical systems. Provides protection from over current and short circuit electrical faults. 10 amperage average trip threshold
Part #: CB-ST1-10 PMB
Part #: CB-ST1-10 PMB
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Bussmann shortstop automatic reset circuit breaker rated for 10 amps at 12 volts DC. Protect circuits such as radios, lights, window motors, and other electrical circuits requiring a 10: 00 amp capacity from overcurrent and short circuit electrical failures. This Compact and reliable circuit breaker has two 10 - 32 threaded studs to provide electrical connections to the breaker. Simply crimp a number 10 Ring terminal to your power wire and attach it to the copper coated stud BAT. Then attach another ring terminal to the wire going to your electrical device, and attach it to the silver stud of the breaker labeled AUX.  An excess amount of current, or a direct short to ground, will cause the contacts inside of the circuit breaker to heat up and separate, breaking the circuit and protecting the device and you are wiring. Once the shortstop circuit breaker cools back down, the contacts will close again and the circuit will be re-energized. Circuit breakers May cost a little bit more than a fuse solution, but all it takes is a couple blown fuses and a trip to the auto parts store to make it well worth the extra cost. Mounting feet that come out parallel with the breaker provide for an easy mounting solution. Includes two nuts for attaching wires to the circuit breaker. For decades, people have trusted the shortstop brand of circuit breakers to reliably protect there are electrical circuits from catastrophic failure.