1 Inch Wire Loom Tubing - Sold By the Foot

1 Inch inside diameter polyethylene black slit wire loom tubing. Provides protection for wire bundles and cables. Highly flexible and easy to install and route. Sold by the foot as a contiinuous piece.
Part #: CPL-1
Part #: CPL-1
Length(ft.) Price per ft.
1 + $1.55
10 + $1.17
50 + $0.90
350 + $0.51
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1'' Inside Diameter Polyethylene Slit Wire Loom Tubing.  Made from polyethylene with a temperature range of -40° to 200° F, (-40° to 93° C).  Wire loom is an economical way to cover and protect unsightly wire bundles.  With a 1 inch diameter, this loom can cover major wire bundles and power cables.  The full length slit stays closed along the whole length of the loom, and allows for easy insertion of wires and the ability to branch out parts of your harness anywhere along the length of the tubing.  Corrugated outer wall provides a high degree of crush resistance and flexibility.  You can keep your wire loom in place with 1-1/4'' cable clamps or you can tie it up using standard wire ties.  1 inch wire loom is sold by the foot, and comes either as a bundle, coil, or box, depending on the length of loom you order.  Made in Canada.