1/2 Inch Diameter Nylon Wire Loom Tubing - Sold by the Foot

High temperature nylon wire loom tubing with a 1/2 inch inside diameter. Full length slit. Corrugated for maximum flexibility and crush resistance. Temperature rating of -40° to 300° F, (-40° to 149° C) Sold by the foot as a continuous length.
Part #: CNL-1/2
Part #: CNL-1/2
Length(ft.) Price per ft.
1 + $1.24
25 + $0.86
100 + $0.61
1100 + $0.39

1/2'' Inside diameter nylon wire loom tubing. Sold by the foot.  Bulk box is 1,100ft.  Cut lengths will be continuous.  Used for higher temperature wiring applications such as engine compartment circuits. Gray identifying stripe runs the length of the slit tubing. Temperature rating of -40° to 300° F, (-40° to 149° C). Full length slit makes it easy to insert wires or branch out circuits.  1/2 Inch diameter is suitable for around siz 14 gauge wires, or for covering up to 2 gauge battery cable. Corrugated outer wall adds strength and flexibility, while keeping the slit closed when bent around tight corners. Excellent crush resistance and resistance to fuel and chemicals.