1/2 Inch Slit White Wire Loom

1/2 Inch diameter slit white wire loom tubing. Corrugated outer wall designed for strength and flexibility. Temperature rating: -40°F to to 200°F, (-40°C to 93°C). Sold by the foot - 10ft. minimum.
Part #: HPSL3WH1/2
Part #: HPSL3WH1/2
Quantity Price ea.
1 + $1.03
25 + $0.76
100 + $0.64
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1/2 Inch Slit White Wire Loom tubing - Used for wire protection when running bundles of wires or cable. 1/2 Inch inner diameter with a ribbed outer wall construction provides high flexibility, crush resistance, and makes for easy pulling of the wires through the loom. A slit outer wall makes inserting the wires into the loom easier and remains closed during use to provide full protection. If  you choose to secure the wire loom with cable clamps, use clamps that are 5/8 inch to account for the larger outer diameter due to the corrugation. You can also secure the wire loom using standard wire ties. Made from durable polyethylene with a temperature rating of -40°F to  to 200°F, (-40°C to 93°C). 1/2 Inch white wire loom provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative wire covering compared to standard black wire loom. A wire loom insertion tool can be used to make the job of inserting longer runs of wire easier.