Wire Connectors

Our electrical wire connectors are designed to connect two or more electrical wires together and include closed-end connectors, quick splice connectors, twist on wire connectors, pigtail connectors, quick slide t-tap connectors, and more. Closed end connectors are a low cost way to connect two or more solid core or stranded core electrical wires together in a single crimp, while twist on wire connectors will make the same connection with a removable connector that 'threads' itself onto the wires. Our insulation displacement connectors include the quick splice connector for quickly splicing into an existing wire without cutting or stripping it first, quick slide t-tap connectors which create a removable tap-in connection using a standard 1/4 inch male push-on terminal, and pigtail IDC connectors that are often used in telecom applications. Most IDC wire connectors can be installed using a simple pair of pliers. We also carry two pole high power connectors in 3 sizes rated for amperages of 50, 175, and a whopping 350 amps capacity. All of our connectors can handle a maximum voltage for 600 volts and are UL rated and CSA certified.

Closed End Connectors arecrimpable for quickly connecting two or more electrical wires together. Also known as Crimp Cap Connectors. Rated to 300 volts.

High Power Connectors for amperages ranging from 50 amps up to 350 amps capacity. Maximum voltage rating for high power connectors is 600 volts.

Insulation displacement sealed pigtail connectors for reliable weather resistant connections of two or three wires. Often used in telecom applications.

Quick Slide (T-Taps) Connectors for easy connection and removal of two wires using a male push-on terminal. Connection is made via insulation displacement.

Quick splice connectors are a fast and easy way to splice into an existing wire. Connector quickly splices wires ranging from 10 awg to 22 awg.

Telecom type electrical connectors. IDC (insulation displacement connectors) for connecting multiple wires together without special tools.

Twist Wire nut Connectors areused for quickly connecting two or more wires together. Wire connection is quick and easy with no special crimping tools required.

2" - 10 Amp Alligator Test Clips without boot. Suggested use 12 gauge wire. Strip the end of the wire, insert into hole on the opposite end of the clip and crimp to hold. Your are ready...

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