Heat Guns and Torches

High quality heat guns and torches useful for shrinking tubing, or any application where a localized heat source is required.

Technician's Pocket Torch Angled

Technician's Pocket Torch Angled Head 1 Pc - Technician's Pocket Torch Angled Head 1 Pc
Econonical Mini Butane Torch

Economical Mini Butane Torch - Economical mini butane powered self-igniting torch.  Reaches temperatures up to 2500 degrees F. Refillable butane container. Adjustable flame size allows for...

Budget Heat Gun With Accessories

Electric Heat Gun -  Our economy heat gun is not short on features. Rated power is 1500 watts with two heat settings - 700F and 920F. Includes accessory tips and a 5 foot cord.

High Performance Heat Gun

Flameless Heat Gun - This higher quality heat gun can be held, or stands alone.  Quickly and efficiently shrinks PVC, polyolefin, dual wall, crimp-able shrink tubing, and no-crimp solder...

Butane Power Torch

Butane Power Torch - The butane power torch is perfect for heat shrinkable connectors and tubing, soldering, and a variety of other applications.  This versatile heat tool is fast,...