Electrical and Terminal Kits

Our electrical and terminal kits provide you with what you need to get the job done, and keep everything in one easy to access location. Whether it is a small or large, each kit comes with a re-closable enclosure with integrated dividers that keep all of your parts organized an in one place. If your needs are small, we offer smaller kits with some of the most commonly used terminals. If you are a professional, our 2200 piece terminal kit and ultimate installer's box kit have all the parts you need.

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120 Piece Assorted ATC Fuse Kit

This kit contains:

(1) Plastic storage tray with movable spacers. (9" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2")

20 pieces each of the following fuses:

AF-10A  = 10...

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ANY $36.44
120 Piece Assorted Mini Fuse Kit

This kit contains the following products:

(1)Plastic storage tray with movable spacers.  (9" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2")

10 pieces each of the following MINI...

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ANY $40.51
Electrical Repair Kit

Electrical Repair Kit - Offers one of the biggest selection of products. Assortments of cable ties, heat shrink, AGC fuses, cable clamps, terminals tools and much more.


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ANY $48.04
Professional Electrical Installer and Repair Kit

Professional Terminal Kit 2200 Pcs - Everything in one place. A 2200 piece assortment of the most commonly used wire terminals and connectors enclosed in a durable latching metal box with 24...

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ANY $413.01
Ultimate Installer Electrical Assortment Kit

The ultimate installer's box contains over 2500 pieces of nearly every commonly used wiring accessory is in one easy to use, easy to access box. 6 individually removable...

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ANY $689.98
(Save: 30%)
Assorted Terminal Kit

82 Piece Terminal Kit - These kits contain a balanced stock of our most popular vinyl-insulated crimp-on terminals.  Parts are contained within a durable, lightweight, translucent carrying case...

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ANY $20.78