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Battery Terminals

Battery Terminals VideoBattery terminals come in an array of different types and shapes to accommodate the wide variety of requirements of battery powered electrical systems. We carry copper battery terminals which offer a high degree of conductivity and strength, brass battery terminals for marine and corrosive environments, lead battery terminals which are malleable and easy to work with, and other specialty battery terminals such as for multi-port and audio applications. Copper battery terminals are tinned to resist corrosion, and can be easily soldered or crimped. They are available cable sizes from 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge, and come as either straight barrel, left angle, right angle, or parallel mount. Brass battery terminals are much harder than either copper or lead, and should be soldered when possible, but they will hold up best in a corrosive environment. Lead battery terminals are easiest for the layman to work with, and can often be installed using just basic tools. If you require multiple cable feeds or want to dress up your electrical system, a multi-port battery terminal may be just what you are looking for. View our video for a closer look at our battery terminal selection.

Copper Battery Terminals

Copper Battery Terminals are tin plated and provide high conductivity and can be easily soldered or crimped. Wide array of cable sizes available.

Brass Battery Terminals

Brass Battery Terminals for marine and other highly corrosive environments. For top post battery systems. Can be soldered or crimped.

Lead Battery Terminals

Lead Top Post Battery Terminals are highly maleable and provide excellent conductivity and minimal corrosion over time since they are made from the same material as the battery posts.

Specialty Battery Terminals

Specialty and Audio Battery Terminals - Gold plated, multi-port and universal battery terminals for custom applications and high end looks and performance.

Solder Slugs

Battery Terminal Solder Slugs are a quick and easy way to solder items such as battery cable lugs and battery terminals. For sizes 6 gauge to 3/0 awg.

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